Andy Stand Classic
AS.1 £39.99 BUY
  • One piece steel
  • Handmade in Britain
AS 2 Folding Stand
AS.2 £49.99 BUY
  • Folding bike stand
  • Handmade in Britain


The first 3 are so good, that I just had to get three more for my remaining bikes! Super product.

Who are we?

Andystand – how was it born? Well Andy (that’s me) is a Yorkshire bloke who on New Years day 2010 had a scalectrix party, like you do! Being a motor cyclist since before I was born, I rigged up a contraption to put my mountain bike on to keep it off the floor.

As I was doing this, the lightbulb in my head flicked on and after a tweak here, there and everywhere the Andystand was created.

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